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Wij gaan in deze calculatie uit van een levertijd van 15 werkdagen, 1.6mm materiaal dikte, 35 μ einddikte koper, groen soldeermasker, witte opdruk, HAL Lead-free en zonder UL logo. Is dit niet wat u zoekt? Vraag dan om een uitgebreide prijsopgave via ons offerteformulier.

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Quality is very important to Bellmann.

We test our printed circuit boards extensively and with meticulous care, allowing us to supply high quality products for our customers.



Delivery within 7 working days. Quotes within 24 hours.

Bellmann is a flexible company with a practical approach. We can guarantee delivery within seven working days. In some cases even faster.


Competitive price

Small orders from € 100, -

Bellmann is competitively priced. In 1978, we were the first to work with a multi-layer pool for small series PCB's, and we still use this method today. You can bank on permanent low prices.