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Our aim is to support our customers in delivering high-quality printed circuit boards. With over 40 years of experience, our customers can confidently focus on their core activities, knowing they’re in capable hands.

Our process

We support our clients throughout the entire process, from the design of a printed circuit board to inventory management and transportation to the final destination.

  • Technical support

    During the design process, our engineers can provide feedback on the technical feasibility of a design.

  • Quotation

    During the quotation request, an initial check is done which focuses on the design rules. We aim to send a quotation within 48 hours.

  • Order

    The order is reviewed by our order intake team, they ensure that the name and version of the printed circuit board are accurate.

  • Prepare for production

    We prepare the design for production. We reach out if there are any questions, and if necessary, we send the production files for verification.

  • Production

    The printed circuit board is manufactured according to IPC-A600H II (Class 2), IPC-A-6012, and IPC-TM-650 standards in the factory. Each printed circuit board is individually tested.

  • Transport

    Once production is completed, the printed circuit boards are shipped. Before dispatch, we conduct an additional visual inspection of the printed circuit boards.

Technical support

Our engineers offer guidance on the most effective design guidelines, whether it’s before or during the design phase or prior to production.

Throughout every stage, from design to manufacturing, we ensure your printed circuit boards meet the highest standards and precisely match your requirements.

Before production starts, our engineers meticulously inspect each printed circuit board.

Supply Chain & Warehousing

Together with our forwarding partners, we’ve established a robust, transparent logistics process. We prioritize carbon-neutral last-mile delivery whenever possible.

From our warehouse in the Netherlands, we provide direct delivery to various countries across Europe. We also offer on-demand orders and can manage your inventory within pre-agreed margins.

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