Printed circuit boards for automotive applications

Printed circuit boards play a crucial role in the automotive industry. They are used in various applications such as engine control, infotainment systems, sensors, cameras, and more. Printed circuit boards in the automotive industry must adhere to strict standards of reliability, performance, and durability. Our printed circuit boards are ISO/TS16949 compliant and part of the IMDS.

Innovation through printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards enable a wide range of applications that were previously unthinkable. Aside from electric vehicles, which also require charging systems, you can think of features like lane-assist and adaptive cruise control. Printed circuit boards are also used for interior systems such as navigation and lighting.

We supply printed circuit boards for applications including charging systems and testing facilities in the field of robotics in the automotive industry.


In addition to standard FR4 and heavy copper, flex is often used in the automotive industry. Because these boards are flexible, they are particularly suitable for applications such as display clusters. Flexible printed circuit boards are lightweight and easy to position in the narrow spaces of the dashboard. Rigid-flex is also used for this purpose.

The future

The importance of printed circuit boards in the automotive industry is expected to increase as vehicles become increasingly automated and connected to the internet. This will result in the development of advanced electronic systems that will further enhance the performance, safety, and efficiency of vehicles.

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