Printed circuit boards for industrial solutions

Products and processes are becoming increasingly complex. Printed circuit boards are crucial for further automation in the industrial sector. Think of robotics in the agricultural sector or control gates at football stadiums; production processes are being optimized in every industry. Without printed circuit boards, this would not be possible.

Quality & compliance

Rigid printed circuit boards are often used in industrial products, with the most common material being FR4. As in many other industries, legislation and standards play an important role in printed circuit boards used in these products. This includes IPC standards such as IPC-A-610 class 2 and European standards such as RoHS and REACH. Our printed circuit boards comply with these standards as standard. Enhanced compliance is also possible with UL and other standards, including IPC class 3.

Our printed circuit boards

Industrial products use printed circuit boards for a variety of products. Our printed circuit boards are used in CNC machines, robots, industrial sensors, and complete systems in the agricultural sector, among others. The increasingly smaller printed circuit boards and components make it possible to automate even small processes through the Internet of Things.


Every application is different. While a sensor may be produced in larger quantities, other innovative products may only require small quantities, or perhaps something in between. We not only manufacture large series, but also provide prototypes for your new invention.

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