Shipping printed circuit boards since 1978

We are Bellmann. One of the oldest printed circuit board suppliers in the Netherlands.

Our story

Bellmann started in 1978 from a small shed in Petten. As a mail-order company, we sold used electronic components and developed innovative outdoor lighting for companies such as Philips.

Soon, a collaboration was established with a printed circuit board manufacturer. In 1979, we started PCB production pooling. Throughout the 1980s, we expanded our services to include consultancy on production-related challenges.

Since 1992, our focus has been solely on supplying printed circuit boards and offering help to our clients. More than 40 years later, we are one of the oldest printed circuit board suppliers in the Netherlands.

Our commitment

Our actions carry weight. We prioritize doing what’s right, whether it’s taking responsibility when needed or actively contributing to a healthier environment. Together, we shape the future.


Our printed circuit boards are the foundation of successful products. Yet, the production process of a printed circuit board is complex, and sometimes things don’t go as expected.

For us, responsibility means that when something doesn’t work as planned, we provide a solution as quickly as possible to resume production.

But responsibility goes beyond that. Our offices are carbon-neutral, and together with our factories, we continuously strive to further increase the use of sustainable energy in the production process.


We collaborate collectively to deliver top-notch printed circuit boards, working hand in hand with our customers, colleagues, and manufacturing facilities. We strongly advocate for transparency as the cornerstone of sustainable partnerships.

Together, we contribute to a better future.

Our history

  • 1978
    Started in Petten, Netherlands
  • 1979
    Collaboration with a manufacturer in Belgium
  • 1982
    Moved to a new office in Schagen
  • 1987
    Second branch opened in Schagen
  • 1987
    Acquired injection molding company in Venhuizen
  • 1988
    Acquired Alcatel branch in Hoogeveen
  • 1992
    Bellmann continues solely with printed circuit boards
  • 1999
    Production started in South Korea
  • 2003
    Production started in China
  • 2004
    Opening an office in Shenzhen, China
  • 2016
    Initiating production of 1500mm printed circuit boards
  • 2017
    Relocation to Anna Paulowna

Our locations

The Netherlands

De Lange Ring 19
1761 AS Anna Paulowna

+31 223 768 288


8th Floor No.70 Xihu Road
Shajiao Community
523936 Dongguan

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