Printed circuit boards are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Whether it’s thinner copper traces, thicker copper layers, or smaller vias, there are more possibilities than ever before. The capability of a manufacturing partner like Bellmann, along with the right design rules, is crucial in the development process.


The table below shows our capability. Our capability is not exactly the same as our design rules. Our design rules are safe guidelines provided as a starting point point for your design.

Annular ring

Solder pads (including vias) must be at least 0.3 mm (12 mil) larger in diameter. For example: if the hole diameter is 0.6 mm, the pad must be at least 0.9 mm in size.

Smallest PTH diameter

Optional: 0,10 mm

Standard: 0,25 mm

Smallest NPTH diameter

Optional: 0,40 mm

Standard: 0,50 mm

Smallest mouse bite hole diameter

0.7 mm on a pitch of 1.0 mm – distance between NPTH hole and copper (planes, traces, and pads: 0.5 mm).

Track & gap

Standard: 0,10 mm (4 mil)

Contour and distance to copper

Milled contour: 0.25 mm
* Inner layers: 0.50 mm


Scored contour: 0.50 mm
* Inner layers: 0.80 mm


Panel with break tabs: 0.50 mm

Design Rules

Our technical department provides support when designing a new printed circuit board from the very beginning. Together, we create the ideal production panel and prevent any potential issues.


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