Quality for every application

From research & development to mass production and end-of-life, every printed circuit board must meet the appropriate quality standards and requirements.

Our printed circuit boards are used in various industries, from automotive to lighting.


The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, from zero-emission goals by 2035 to self-driving cars. Printed circuit boards for automotive applications are ISO/TS16949 compliant and part of the IMDS.

Lighting solutions

From agricultural applications to industry, LED lighting is indispensable. Printed circuit boards can be up to 1500mm long and are made from FR4 and aluminum.

Industrial solutions

Printed circuit boards are extensively used in industrial applications, from the Internet of Things to radar systems. Our printed circuit boards can withstand the harsh environment of the industry.

A solution for every industry

In addition to the highlighted industries above, our printed circuit boards are used in the energy sector, security, and aerospace/defense. We also support universities in production for research purposes.

Assembly solutions

No assembly project is identical. How do you create a production panel, how many printed circuit boards is it made of, and how do you disassemble the panel after assembly?

Our engineers provide advice and collaborate with you. Together, we create the ideal panel tailored to your workflow, equipment, and components.

Heavy copper for energy & automotive applications

Heavy copper allows circuits to process higher voltages in a limited space.

Heavy copper is 105µm and onwards. We manufacture printed circuit boards with at least 210µm copper for the energy & automotive industry.

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