Design Rules

Before we start production all files are checked according to our standard Design Rules. It can happen that the printed circuit board doesn’t fit; we will work together to find alternatives or other means to manufacture your printed circuit boards regardless of any adjustments.

Specificatie Omschrijving
Annular ring Solder pads (and via) must be a minimum of 0.3 mm (12 mil) larger in diameter. For example, gap diameter is 0.6 mm → island must be a minimum of 0.9.
Smallest hole diameter PTH 0,3 mm
Smallest hole diameter NPTH 0,7 mm
Smallest hole diameter mouse bites 0,7 mm to a pin of 1,0 mm – distance between NPTH hole and copper (ground planes, tracks, islands, 0.5 mm).
Track width and creeping distance Minimum creeping distance: 15 mm (6 mil) track/track, pad/pad, track/pad minimum track width: 0.15 mm (6 mil).
PCB contour and distance to copper Milled contour: 0,3 mm (inner layers 0,5 mm)
Cut contour: 0,5 mm (inner layers 0,8 mm)
Panel milling with breakpoints: 0,5 mm