Base materials

There are as many printed circuit boards as products. Bellmann offers a variety of base materials such as FR4 (IPC-4101), rigid-flex, flex and aluminium.


A printed circuit board with an aluminium core offers improved thermal management. Aluminium circuit boards are often used for LED-lightning. Bellmann specialises in large format aluminium printed circuit boards up to 1500mm in length.

Number of layers Maximum of 2
Maximum size 1500mm


FR4 is the most commonly used material for printed circuit boards. FR4 is made from glass fiber with a flame resistent epoxy resin. Bellmann offers standard IPC-4101 certified FR4 and optionally RoHS (China) compliant.

Number of layers 1 t/m 40
Maximum size 1000mm (more than 2 layers)
1500mm (1 or 2 layers)

Other materials

Do you have questions about what material fits your product best or are you looking for a material that’s not yet on our website? Let us know, give us a call via +31 224 214 939 or use our contact form.