Manufacturing affordable PCB’s

Bellmann is competitively priced. In 1978, we were the first to work with a multi-layer pool for small series PCB's, and we still use this method today. You can bank on permanent low prices from € 100 per order.

Whether your order is suitable for a multi-layer panel depends on a number of factors. Your order is eligible if it satisfies the following criteria:

  • Double-sided
  • Lead-free HAL finish
  • FR4 material
  • Green solder mask
  • Single-sided white silkscreen
  • Track and Gap 8 mil
  • Hole diameter 0.3 mm

Our multi-layer panels are also entirely, electronically tested.

Should your order not be suitable, we can gladly make use of the normal production method for just as competitive prices. Interested? Request your quote.